*instinct-reps represents international directors, DoPs and production companies – and it is even more. 

Nadja Bontscheff, founder and owner of *instinct-reps has a long history in the commercial film business. 16 years as a producer, executive producer and representative in Germany as well as working in cooperations with well-known production companies from the U.S., UK and France formed a unique experience and vast network.

Whether you look for the right director and DoP for your project, need a reliable production partner in foreign countries search for the best casting director in Berlin, *instinct-reps provides the custom cut service you require.


*instinct-reps’ portfolio consists purely of talent and companies, owner Nadja Bontscheff has built profound professional relationships with – either through past cooperations or long lasting friendships.

We are focused on special talents and partners, who work on a top creative level, are responsible, reliable and warm-hearted. 

*instinct-reps will acompany you through the bidding process and can provide professional insight and assistance throughout the entire production, if desired.